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Shell Scheme

Exhibitions are one of the best ways to show-case your company and its product range whilst reaching your target audience with face to face interaction.

Your stand will need to make an immediate impression and catch the attention of passers by whilst at the same time stand apart from your competitors.

Modular exhibition stands can be on the grandest scale or simple in their design – either way they can be impressive yet cost effective. The beauty of Modular stand designs is that they are flexible, re-configurable and most importantly re-usable, meaning you have total freedom to re-create your existing stand to use time and time again whilst maximising your ROI.

Build a wide range stand styles using a choice of Linear/Vector, Vector Lite, T3, Arena 4 Gantry, Panel and Pole, Formulate and portable display products.

You can choose from a wide selection of stand designs throughout this brochure, or talk to our expert team who will work with you to create a stand that will impress everyone who sees it.

  • Basic Backwall

    Basic Backwall

    £546.89 +VAT
  • Basic L-Shape

    Basic L-Shape

    £1,216.90 +VAT
  • Three pop-ups and pop-up tower (Less than 9sqm)

    Three pop-ups and pop-up tower (Less than 9sqm)
    £1,562.30 +VAT
  • Basic 3 Wall

    Basic 3 Wall

    £1,487.22 +VAT
  • 3000x3000mm (Stand 1)

    3000x3000mm (Stand 1)

    £1,249.04 +VAT
  • 5000x2000mm (Stand 3)

    5000x2000mm (Stand 3)

    £2,756.08 +VAT
  • 4000x4000mm (Stand 5)

    4000x4000mm (Stand 5)

    £3,731.64 +VAT
  • 3000x3000mm (Stand 4)

    3000x3000mm (Stand 4)

    £4,049.46 +VAT
  • 3000x3000mm (Stand 2)

    3000x3000mm (Stand 2)

    £3,551.52 +VAT
  • 4000x3000mm (Stand 8)

    4000x3000mm (Stand 8)

    £3,183.80 +VAT
  • 4000x4000mm (Stand 8)

    4000x4000mm (Stand 8)

    £3,692.16 +VAT
  • 5000x4000mm (Stand 1)

    5000x4000mm (Stand 1)

    £4,968.33 +VAT