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NEW Table top Pop up

The Mini Pop-up display system combines strength, reliability and style. It is lightweight and easy to use. It uses “Rare Earth Neo Magnets” to make it simple to erect and take down.

Special Offer

Whether you are preparing for an exhibition, conference, trade show or you want to employ the use of outdoor banners, Big Print Shop has the right expertise, cost effective solutions, and one of the largest range of free-standing banner stands, outdoor banners, roller banners and other display equipment for your marketing campaign.

You can find a wide range of banners, roller banners and pop up banners to suit your requirements. At Big Print Shop we are able to help you deliver the right corporate message to your desired audience using cutting edge design, high quality printing and affordable pricing. As manufacturers, we are able to cut out the middle man to bring you the best prices possible. Whatever your campaign and whatever your budget, you will be able to find display stands, that work for your business.

We have just opened the largest showroom in the UK where you can come and see all our indoor and outdoor displays. We hope to see you soon, the Big Print Shop team.

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  • LED Trappa Wall Frame

    The 32mm Trappa wall frame with LED back lighting creates a stylish and eye-catching wall display. With stunning artwork your wall frame can come to life with clever LED lighting.

    • Snap action frame for easy change graphics
    • Available in six sizes from A0 to B1
    • LED back lit to all four sides creating exciting pictures
    • Low power consumption
    £0.00 (0.00inc VAT)
  • Magnetic Block

    Magnetic Blocks. Featuring easy swap image to change your image anytime.
    £12.00 (14.40inc VAT)
  • Acetate Sheet

    Clear Acetate sheet, ideal for use in A Frames and Trappa Frames.
    £2.00 (2.40inc VAT)
  • Twist Shelf

    The Twist Shelf has a maximum load bearing of 2kg, which gives the option of displaying product or literature. The shelves are available in either a beech or black finish and use neodymium magnets for added safety and stability. The Twist Original stand has the ability to take up to three shelves.
    £52.50 (63.00inc VAT)
  • Floor Graphics

    Floor Graphics
    £0.00 (0.00inc VAT)
  • Round Display Plinth

    Round display plinths are part of the Physique Freestyle flat-pack portable furniture range; ideal for product display.
    £99.00 (118.80inc VAT)
  • Powerspot 800

    50watt Low Voltage spotlight light designed specifically for use with banner stands.

    £27.95 (33.54inc VAT)
  • Posters

    Posters Simple and effective. Our posters are printed on a 220gram photo paper and ideal for use for printed large photos or for use for presentations or for advertisement.

    £4.00 (4.80inc VAT)
  • Self Cling

    Self Cling
    £0.00 (0.00inc VAT)
  • 10x5ft PVC Banner + 2x Free 6x1ft PVC Banner

    Full Colour 10x5ft PVC Banner + 2x Free 6x1ft PVC Banner

    £76.65 (91.98inc VAT)
  • Magnetic Panels

    Magnetic Panels
    £0.00 (0.00inc VAT)
  • A1 Dibond

    About DiBond®

    Aluminum Composite, brand name DiBond®, is a lightweight product made of two sheets of painted aluminium with a solid polyethylene core. Designed primarily for either short or long-term outdoor use, it is weather and rust-resistant.

    Typical applications include the following signs:

    • Pool and spa rules
    • Real estate
    • Car parks
    • Service
    • Directional and informational companies
    • Industrial
    • Project signs
    • Traffic signs
    £52.50 (63.00inc VAT)
  • Road Sign 315x610mm (CLONE)

    Road Sign
    £0.00 (0.00inc VAT)
  • Mini Mosquito

    With a visible graphic area of just 600mm wide and 1600mm high, Mini Mosquito is a welcome addition to the Mosquito roller banner family. With its petit size Mini Mosquito can display your message where space is limited, yet still retains the economical and effective benefits of the Budget Banner Stand.
    £37.49 (44.99inc VAT)
  • 10x3ft PVC Banner + Free 6x1ft PVC Banner

    Full Colour PVC 10x3 ft banner + FREE 6x1FT BANNER

    £45.99 (55.19inc VAT)
  • PVC Banner 10x2ft

    10x2ft PVC Banner

    £30.66 (36.79inc VAT)


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Monday, August 4, 2014

Hot Deals on pop up stands from 269

Pop Up Stands from £269 + VAT we must be mad, but these are some of the amazing
summer deals we have on offer at the moment

For product demonstrations with more “wow”, the way this frame locks magnetically when expanded,
with magbars which just fly onto the frame, held in place by neodymium rare-earth magnets, makes for an easy sale.

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