We offer two printing methods to ensure you have the product and the print that best suits your needs.

If you require high resolution or small prints (less then A1) we advise that you go with the adhesive vinyl option. The vinyl is mounted directly on to the board and allows us to print at 1440dpi with near perfect colour accuracy and gradients. This results in a clean, laminated, photographic quality finish.

However, if you need very large boards that are to be viewed from a distance or high quantities of temporary signage then direct print may be the better option. Direct print can be more cost effective at the loss of the clarity and vibrancy.

i4Media T/A holds no responsibility for consequential loss due to products being faulty, delivered late or lost in transit.

Select from common sizes or input a custom size.

DiBond® / DiLite®

DiBond® / DiLite® is a lightweight aluminium composite made of two sheets of coated aluminium with a solid polyethylene core. Designed to be hardwearing and ideally suited for long-term outdoor use, it is weather and rust-resistant.


Correx, also known as Polyflute, Coroplast, FlutePlast, IntePro, Proplex, Twinplast, Corriflute or Corflute, is a water proof corrugated plastic board commonly used outside for temporary signage such as for sale boards.

Gator Board

Gator Board is much like Foam Board with the advantage of using thin plastic instead of cardboard to contain the foam. This results in a much stronger board that is easier to handle with a much lower chance of creases or folds damaging the board. This makes it ideal for large indoor displays such as exhibition panels. We recommend Gator Board over Foam Board for any sizes A2 or over. Gator Board is only suitable for use indoors

Foamex Boards

Foamex Boards are a flexible plastic material that can be easily fixed to any surface. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use with the advantage that it will not rot like wooden signs. Foamex is an ideal material for Shop Signs (External and internal), Menu Boards, and anywhere that waterproof photo quality prints are needed. For signs larger then 8ft we recommend DiBond or DiLite as this will not expand or contract under temperature changes.


Acrylic, aka Acrylic Glass, Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite, and Perspex, is a non-flexible board that can be transparent or opaque and is ideal as a lightweight or shatter-resistant alternative to glass. We offer the options to have print mounted to both the front and back or sandwiched between two sheets. We also offer chrome stand-offs to make the acrylic into an attractive wall display.

Foam Board

Foam Board, also known as Foamcore and Kappa Board, consists of two thin layers of cardboard with a foam filled centre. This results in a very light product that is ideal for temporary photographic prints that will be mounted on to walls. Foam Board is only suitable for use indoors. We recommend for sizes A2 and over you use Gator Board.

Magnetic Panels

Our high-quality magnetic panels are suitable to be placed and easily removed from any other material that has magnetic properties such as iron or steel. They are also suitable to be used on a flat car surface such as the door or on the side of a van. They will not stick to glass or plastic. *Please make sure that the serface in question is clean to ensure a good connection.

No Lamination

We highly recommend having all graphics laminated as it both protects the graphics damage but also help protect if from the elements. However, we do offer the option of no lamination for direct print graphics as we are aware they are often used for temporary signage.

Matt Lamination

A matt laminate gives a more 'natural', softer look. Matt lamination is very popular for outdoor signage and internal signage that is information-rich.

Gloss Lamination

Gloss lamination is a highly reflective lamination making it an idea lamination for getting the attention of any passers. It also gives the effect of a much high level of contest.

Anti Graffiti Laminate

Anti Graffiti Laminate has a special coating that reduces the ability for paints to bond to it, this makes it much easier for any unwanted paint to be removed.

Dry Wipe Laminate

Dry Wipe Laminate allows you to write on the board is a dry wipe marker and then to wipe it away.

Print Method
Direct Print

Direct printed boards are commonly for short term solutions. Please note that direct print can scratch as it is not laminated and has a more grainy appearance than vinyl mounted graphics.

Vinyl Mounted

Vinyl mounted boards have a scratch resistant, photographic quality finish and are ideal for detailed artwork or print that need to be durable.

Single Sided

Graphics printed to only one side of the material.

Double Sided

Graphics printed to both sides of the material. (Please note that this option is not available for magnetic panels

Graphics placment
Chrome Standoffs
Cutting Options
Polished Edges
Delivery Time